General Information

Alcohol and Drugs

Competitors are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages during competition and alcoholic beverages are prohibited from any area of competition. Sport Coordinators may prohibit any person from competing in any event or competition, if in their opinion that person is displaying signs of drunkenness or appears to be affected by alcohol. Controlled substances are prohibited from being used unlawfully by any competitors. The use of any illegal or performance enhancing drugs by any competitor is strictly prohibited. Volunteers are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages during competition and controlled substances are prohibited from being used unlawfully.

Appeals and Protests

  1. In the first instance all Protests/Disputes are to be made to the head official/referee at the time of the incident.
  2. If the head official/referee cannot resolve the matter, the Sport Coordinator is to be advised. The Sport Coordinator will seek to resolve the matter at the venue.
  3. If the decision of the Sports Coordinator is not accepted by the competitor an official Protest/Dispute procedure is commenced.
  4. A competitor may lodge an Official Protest/Dispute in writing to the Games Director at the Registration Desk located at the MARQUAY within eight (8) hours of the initial incident. All lodgements will incur a non-refundable $50.00 fee to the ANZPGF.
  5. On receipt of the written application and lodgement fee the Games Director will stand up the ANZPGF Disputes Subcommittee as soon as practicable.
  6. If the presentation of medals is likely to be affected by the outcome of the Official Protest/Dispute, the medal presentation shall be deferred pending the ANZPGF Disputes Subcommittee’s decision.
  7. The decision of the ANZPGF Disputes Subcommittee is final.

Blood and Infectious Disease

All sports coordinators will be briefed on this issue. All open cuts and abrasions must be reported to the Sport Coordinator or Games medical personnel immediately. If bleeding cannot be controlled and the wound securely covered, the competitor will not be allowed to continue in the competition until medical personnel have provided a clearance to the Sport Coordinator.

Sport Coordinators have discretion as to whether any contaminated clothing or equipment will need to be replaced prior to the competitor being allowed to continue in the competition. Any person with an infectious disease must advise the Sport Coordinator prior to the start of any competition. After consultation with the medical personnel, the Sport Coordinator shall advise the competitor whether or not they are able to take their place in the competition.

Additional reference material can be located at the Sports Medicine Australia website via the following links:


Competitors will be provided with accreditation cards. All Officials, Coordinators and Volunteers will be identifiable by their official Games accreditation and Mandurah 2018 Games uniform.

Injury and Illness

In the event of injury or illness sustained as a result of competing in the Mandurah 2018 Games, the Sport Coordinator must be notified as soon as possible. The Sports Coordinator will record ALL injuries on an Incident / Accident form. All competitors should be sufficiently fit and ready for competition to maximise enjoyment and to minimise personal injury. If unsure, or competing in a strenuous competition, please consult with your physician before commencing competition.


Medals will be presented to the first three placegetters in all events.

1st – Gold Medal         2nd – Silver Medal       3rd – Bronze Medal

Placegetters who do not attend the medal presentation ceremony MUST arrange delivery of their medals through the Sport Coordinator. The Australian and New Zealand Police Games Trophy and The Emergency Services Trophy will be presented at the Closing Ceremony. A Medal Engraving service will be available at ‘The MAR-Quay’ on a daily basis.


An official Games photographer has been arranged. The photographer will attend various sporting events throughout the Games. The photographs will be available


Perth has an extensive Public Transport System (Transperth), consisting of trains and buses. Visit details and timetables.

Transperth Ticket Options;

Option 1 – Cash Tickets: Competitors to purchase cash tickets as required.

Our DayRider fare currently costs $12.60 per person and enables the user system-wide travel from the time of purchase until last service that same day. The DayRider is available after 9.00am on weekdays and all day on weekends and public holidays. If attendees are travelling from Perth to Mandurah on a standard fare it will cost $10.90 per person, each way so this ticket option would be most cost-effective. These tickets are not able to be pre-purchased but you’re welcome to communicate information to attendees.

Option 2 - SmartRider: Competitors to purchase a SmartRider card and add value as required.

Transperth SmartRider is a reusable smart card, which allows easy, hassle free travel on Transperth services. The cost of a standard SmartRider is a $10.00 card fee and an initial minimum value add of $10.00. The standard SmartRider gives users an automatic 10% discount off the cash fare. Please note both the SmartRider card fee and card balance are non-refundable.

SmartRiders can be purchased from one of our Transperth InfoCentres or Retail Sales Outlets.


Volunteers are integral to the Mandurah 2018 Games and their assistance is crucial. Please treat all volunteers with the utmost courtesy at all times. Volunteers will be identifiable by the Mandurah 2018 Games accreditation and volunteer shirt.


Spectators will not be permitted onto the playing fields at any venue. Spectators are encouraged to attend all events, however assistance is requested from all parents to supervise their children in the vicinity of all sporting areas.

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